Ultra Crazies

This past weekend, a few friends did something spectacular. Let’s start out by saying that running a marathon is hard. Now running two in a row, back-to-back, is insane! The San Francisco Marathon event happened on Sunday and a handful of participants, who were crazy enough to register for the Ultra - 52.4 miles - ran the Marathon course backwards from finish line to start line at Midnight and then toed the line with the rest of the field to run the course from the Start line to finish line.

@pavementrunner, @carleemcdot and @almeen8dv (17 weeks pregnant, HELLO?!) trained hard and completed what seems like an impossible feat if you ask me. And the best part? They looked liked they had a blast doing it.

I’m sure they’ll have words to say and write about their Ultra experience - after they recover, of course - but I just wanted to send a huge congratulations to my friends (and the other Ultra participants) who completed this amazing challenge. I’m in awe.