#FitFam6travels for Disneyland Half Weekend!

Yes the race weekend happened a millennium ago. Yes we could have written a recap from the expo to the @werunsocial meetup to actually running the race. Buuuuuttt, not this time. If you want to read some fun recaps you can at Carlee's page, Mike's page, or Ivie's and AJ's page to link a few. Instead, we chose a photo montage of sorts that share not only the race weekend, but our family weekend. Enjoy!

This race weekend for Paula was all about photos.  We've both run a lot of runDisney races, but stopping for tons of pictures has always been a challenge.  With 4 children and typically asking a family member to babysit, we were always pressed for time.  This race weekend, instead of running the races together we divided up our time between the 10k and the half, allowing for just a little more time to take pictures and enjoy other runners' company.