Pony Express Pony 5k recap (kids race)


     My race on May 1st was very fun.  I had trained for 5 weeks with classmates at my school, Donner Elementary.  Every Tuesday and Thursday I had to meet after school to run.  On race day, we were told to meet everyone at the purple balloons.  There were a lot of kids from all over Sacramento.  

     Before I left to find my group, my brother Gabriel gave me advice.  He told me to not go out too fast so I on't get too tired to run faster at the end of the race.  He also told me to not worry about how fast others are going at the start.  Run my own race.  When I met with my school, I found my friends and we walked to the front of the start line.  I was at the front of the start line.  I was very excited but nervous at the same time.  After awhile, an announcement came on saying that the race was starting in five minutes.  When I heard this, I got very excited.  The horn blew and the race started.  

     At first, I ran with my friends, but after awhile I sped up and left them.  I soon caught up to 4 people who ran faster than me at the beginning.  I passed the fourth person as we excited Old Sacramento.  I went up a bridge and when I got to the downhill part, I sped up because it was easier to speed up going down.  The water station was coming up, but I skipped it.  I didn't need any water.  Then I came to the third person.  He saw me and sped up.  I still had half the race left so I didn't speed up.  I didn't want to waste my energy trying to pass him.  At least 5 people passed means I turned the corner to cross the Sacramento Bridge.  

     As I approached the highest point of the bridge, I could see the finish line.  Once I had that in view, I started to sprint,  I went really fast and sprinted past the finish line.  I finished in 25:23.  I am proud of the race I ran.  I want to get faster.  My goal is to run a 5k in 24 minutes.