Fruit in a Pouch!


With 4 kids and just a busy busy schedule, we are always looking for things that make life easier.  One thing my boys are ALWAYS asking for is a snack so I'll be honest -  fruit/veggies in a pouch have been great. Easy to have on hand, ways to travel and no mess. I have said before food pouches were a lifesaver (literally) for Asher, but they have been a huge timesaver for the rest of the family.  


A few weeks ago, we received in the mail some pouch samples from a California company named Fruigees.  They had super adorable names: California Grape, 24 Carrot Orange and Kalefornia Grape.  They came at a perfect time since I've been considering taking food pouches as fuel for running and I'm always trying to get Asher to eat something new.  I took 24 Carrot Orange out on a mid distance run to try for myself and Asher. Brought along enough for the boys to try if they wanted. Stroller ready, bikes ready and we were off!  


* Names that made us smile and made it very appealing to try

* Organic, non GMO and no added sugar!  

* Asher enjoyed one of the flavors!


* The flavors were very sweet. Almost unnaturally sweet, but yet the ingredients are all fruit and fruit juices. 


* The texture was thick, thicker than expected.  For runners, think the texture of warm energy gel, non runner think jello almost. 


Overall, we enjoyed the pouches but they unfortunately weren't a huge hit. We all preferred the Orange flavor over the rest but yet it wasn't an overwhelming love. We make it a point to try to support local business and/or small businesses.  Considering this is a California based small business we really wanted to love these pouches.