A pretty RAD runner friend is going to be celebrating her birthday soon. In true Carlee fashion, she is using her birthday to spread the love in 31 days of giving.  And she has asked those who can or want to, to join in on the fun! How inspiring is that?!?!   

When she announced her birthday plans a couple of weeks ago, we knew we wanted to join in, but were unsure on exactly how. Well, obviously we had to include the children. If you have been following along with our little family here on the blog or through Instagram or Twitter, you know we try our very best to include our children in what we do to stay physically, emotionally and mentally healthy. Hence forth we brought Carlee's idea to our children and asked them what they would like to do. Here is what we plan on doing:

1. No shame in our game, we are Starbucks addicts!  Throughout the rest of August and into September, we will randomly pay for Starbucks for the next person in line.

2. There are so many causes that mean something to our family. We have met so many good people who are a part of this wonderful running community and some of them raise money for awesome causes or charities. Our three older boys will pick a charity each and they will contribute a small donation of their own hard earned money to the charity. Here are links to just a few of the many that are out there:  @Sharpendurance @pastrychef_dani @Run8va @cdoinc. Give each of them a follow too as they are all #goodpeople!

3.  Our closets were overflowing with running shoes that were retired. We donated our shoes where they will be "recycled" for another runner who needs them. 

Carlee is such a selfless, kind hearted person. To her, spreading the birthday love is about giving to others - dog toys for the animal shelter, flowers to the elderly or care packages to service men - but it is so much more. She is giving the opportunity for others to be kind and generous. She is giving a family, likes ours, the opportunity to teach our sons humility, generosity, understanding and the beauty in social service.  

Check her out on any one of her platforms below (or get her app. Yup she has an app, she is that awesome!). @carleemcdot CarleeMcDot.com I guarantee you, she will change your mood, your day, and your entire outlook.