Tofu Tuesday...kinda

So a long overdue #tofutuesday...kinda. We had to scale back on our tofu/soy experiments. Too much of a good thing is NOT a good thing. Asher was getting too much soy.  

Obviously this is a store bought pizza. We have been wanting to try this brand for awhile now. The cheese mostly but we thought to ensure we would all like it, let's try it on pizza. I mean who doesn't like pizza?!?!  With the business of the holidays, trying to get back in the groove after weeks off, Asher's health issues and pure laziness I decided it was time to give it a try. Supreme (not real meat, but looked and tasted like sausage) for the boys and veggie for me. Yet, we all tried both.  

Verdict: they loved it!  Whew!  Even Asher liked it however he could only eat a little bit before having trouble digesting it. But I consider it a success. The pizza had lots of flavor, the soy cheese melted to a great consistency, just the right amount of spicy and there were many flavors to chose from. The only down sides were the cost for the size. $8 per pizza and in reality one boy could probably finish. It's the "perk" of having so many boys - our grocery bill is super high because they can "fuel" A LOT!!!  For sure though, this pizza will be in our freezer stock simply because it's quick, easy, the boys like it and EVERYONE, including Asher can eat. 😊