Have Passport, Will Travel!


Coming back from Seawheeze, I immediately thought race recap. I HAD to share the highs and the lows, but then I thought Seawheeze is more than just a race weekend. There are plenty of recaps of the weekend which you could read here and here for different points of views. Here's the thing about race recaps or at least what happens when I read recaps. I generally have some feelings for a certain race prior and when I search out a recap, I will most likely be influenced by one that kind of steers close to what I hope the race will be like. What I have to say is if you love Lululemon, I mean truly love the clothing, brand, then the weekend is fabulous. If you like - even highly like - the brand then it will be ok. I've talked with people who were upset about not having assigned corrals, the post-race food not being as lavish as previous years or getting sunglasses instead of a hat. Yes, those things were a bit meh, but I love the brand so I immediately thought they already gave me shorts, water bottle, backpack, free yoga sessions, free manicures, free samples, essential oils, every single hydration station had GU, later that night a free concert and so much more.  What other race could I say gives ALL that and more?!?! I could look past the other stuff and this race was never meant to be a goal race for me.  I am sure if this race was something you trained hard for or had a time goal in mind, the crowds could pose a problem for achieving that goal.  As I said though, I am not going to recap all the amazingess that was this weekend. Instead I thought it would be more authentic of me to share what this weekend really meant to me. 


How many times as a runner have you been asked "Why do you run?" or "What inspires you to be a runner?".  Typical answers I have heard and read are: it is my therapy, it is me time, it makes me a better (fill in the blank).  Those things are all true for me.  Running gives me time to think, recharge, connect to others, even.  All things I have answered when asked my feelings about running, yet Seawheeze weekend was most likely the first race weekend where I truly felt as if I was "living" those feelings completely.  

Photo ops never ending!  Thanks  @vk_davies  for taking the picture!

Photo ops never ending!  Thanks @vk_davies for taking the picture!


The motto of the weekend: Yoga Run Party.  So simple, but in reality I feel the three words were just titles to describe what you can really reap from this weekend: calmness, self confidence, and living life.  I spent the weekend living all three of those things.  Reconnecting with myself and spending time with two amazing women (@mra2213 @otteral) was bucket filling for me.

I've been lucky this year and was able to get a trip away back in January.  Great trip, Walt Disney World Marathon weekend, but it wasn't as calming and also rejuvenating as my weekend in Vancouver.  Oddly I had more days in WDW, Vancouver was just a little over 24 hrs, yet two weekends ago the chaos didn't feel like chaos.  The rushing around, the trying to fit as much in as possible, felt perfect.  Perhaps it was mindset, perhaps it was timing.  It isn't a secret our life is always go-go-go.  With 4 boys, all in extracurricular activities, full time jobs, family obligations - the list goes on - the real goal of each day is to find a moment to do NOTHING.  It is easy to burn out, feel overhwhelmed and unmotivated.  

Just SOME of the people who have truly become wonderful support in our lives.  Seeing them is one of the highlights of any weekend.  Typically it's Dave in these group shots.  Lol.   @werunsocial

Just SOME of the people who have truly become wonderful support in our lives.  Seeing them is one of the highlights of any weekend.  Typically it's Dave in these group shots.  Lol.  @werunsocial

Running has given myself, my whole family this incredible web of support and friends.  People who we have met and people who we have not met know more about our life than some of our family even knows!  We have been able to travel to some great cities to race. We have been able to test our limits, experience new things and most importantly model for our boys what is truly valuable in life.  Running Seawheeze was this incredible coming together of what running has given to myself and my family the last 4-5 years. We have been out there, adding up mileage.  It was this opportunity to get some "me time", to connect and reconnect to others and myself, to come home with a renewed sense of self, strength and gratitude which in turns makes me a better mother, wife, person.  Two weeks ago was more than a pair of shorts or free yoga or even the post race grub. In my mind, I have to believe that Lululemon intends for it be more than just all that.  It is a weekend that was created to help you have a brand new start in whatever way that is needed or means to the individual.  

Will I do this race again?  If I can snag an entry, heck if I can get 2 or 3 entries I am there, with the family doing yoga, running along the sea wall and enjoying the post race party.  It would be great to see how having the entire family there to experience Vancouver (not just the race) would add to or reshape my thoughts on this race weekend...let me rename it as race retreat.  So yes, next year the goal is to have myself and Dave run this course and the whole family to explore Vancouver.  Perhaps we can all get the opportunity to hit that reset button.  

Until next year Vancouver

Until next year Vancouver