A.O.K -Acts of Kindness!

You'll be hard pressed to find a bigger smile than Carlee's.

You'll be hard pressed to find a bigger smile than Carlee's.

Today, a pretty awesome person is celebrating her birthday. Someone who, on the daily, makes it her goal to help others, big or small. She is a beautiful person inside and out and we are beyond fortunate to call her a friend. Who is this rad individual?!?!  None other than Carlee, from  CarleeMcdot.com fame!  You can catch her on IG here and Twitter here.

A couple years ago Carlee decided to dedicate the 31 days leading up to her 31st birthday to completing intentional acts of kindness. This year she put out the challenge to all her friends and followers to do their own acts of kindness, aka A.O.K. Well she didn't have to ask us twice, and we gladly have participated in small ways daily and tomorrow we will spend the entire day completing A.O.K in her name and to celebrate her 33 years making a difference. If you want to read her suggestions give it a click. As she said, it can be small intentions to help anyone, it doesn't need to cost a lot of money or any money at all. Yet, we also couldn't let the day pass without sharing a few companies that we feel deserve a little spotlight. Companies whose philosophy is to do good. As we always say, we love to support small business AND we loveto support businesses with heart. 

1. Cotopaxi


This company's mission is to #dogood so they make #gearforgood.  The scraps of fabric that other companies throw away or see as useless, Cotopaxi uses that material to make all their products.  They are a company making a global impact, concerned more with fostering adventure in individuals rather than money. The remnant material is sewn together by employees in the Philippines and their jacket insulation and sweaters are made of llama fiber from farmers in Bolivia.  Their message of gear for good is about making quality products but also encouraging others to do good in the world. Check them out, they have some really great gear.

2. Rad Camp


This company caught our eye obviously due to our son Asher.  Children and adults with disabilities often times do not get to experience many things everyone else takes for granted.  RAD camp is this project based out of Southern California that gives children and adults with disabilities the chance to go to summer camp.  How freakin' cool is that?!?!?  Even more, it gives respite to those carrying for these individuals.  We hope one day Asher can attend.  The waitlist is long, like 2-3 years long, but we figured out he might have a chance when he is around 8.  #fingerscrossed.  This isn't necessarily a product, but you can certainly donate to help make this dream a reality for so many families and make sure this experience continues to be offered.

3. Musubi


Just another company that pulls at our heart strings.  Although the products' prices are not cheap, the mission of this wonderful company should encourage you to save your pennies to support.  They collaborate with an organization dedicated to helping mainstream individuals with disabilities.  Their notebooks are handcrafted in Singapore by a person who has a physical disability.  This company along with those who purchase their products are supporting these individuals, helping give opportunities and giving their artistry a world stage.  The notebooks are beautiful, made with the highest quality and I know you won't be disappointed.  

4. Lionel's Place


The Little Lemon That Leapt.  A funny title with a big message.  As parents of 4 boys our hope in sending them out in the world everyday is for them to be kind to others and for others to be kind to them.  With all the negative that happens around our children, with this culture of people feeling empowered hiding behind a computer screen to hurt others, as parents, we take any opportunity to encourage our children to celebrate their own uniqueness and value that in others.  The Little Lemon is all about the anti-bullying movement and showing children that it is okay to be different or as they say "spreading the message that weird is wonderful".  

Happiest of Birthdays Carlee!  Thank you for sharing your passion for being the good in world with others, to remind and inspire us that one small act truly does make a difference.  


(Note: All opinions expressed in this post are our own.  We have received no incentive, reimbursement or compensation in exchange for sharing information on the products)